About Us

Louis Allen is…

  • An internationally recognised management leadership consultancy for over 50 years.
  • Acclaimed for its unique Allen Management System, and methodologies in transforming management leaders.
  • Delivering Results. We are dedicated to helping you improve your bottom line by improving your management leadership effectiveness.
  • Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and operates mainly within the sub-Saharan regions, but also works closely with other partners globally.

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"The ability to lead people was once thought to be largely a matter of personality. Good managers, however, have personalities as varied as doctors or lawyers. They are brilliant or plodding, cautious or bold, friendly or reserved; their education ranges from liberal arts to nuclear physics; from accounting to business administration. The one common characteristic of many kinds of people who are professional managers is that they are all doing a particular kind of work and doing it in a particular way." Louis A. Allen