Our History

  • Louis Allen Southern Africa is a strategic partner of Louis Allen Worldwide based in California, USA. The organisation’s history dates back to the 1950’s when a gentleman known as Louis A. Allen conducted a study on operations of more than 150 companies and what set them apart from the rest.
  • Prior to establishing Louis Allen Worldwide, Louis Allen was with the international consulting organisation Booz, Allen and Hamilton, Inc. His assignment focussed primarily on companies facing problems of organisational growth and development. During this assignment, he discovered that although organisations differ significantly, they also shared many similarities. He then began to distil the commonalities, organising them into a teachable form, and teaching client companies how to use this knowledge for themselves.
  • In January 1957, he founded LAA (Louis Allen Associates) in Palo Alto, California.The organisation’s first client was Standard Vacuum Oil Company. It was through this assignment that the fundamentals of the Allen Management System started taking shape.
  • From then, the organisation grew substantially and received huge exposure through publications like Business Week, Steel Magazine, etc. Other clients to take advantage of Mr. Allen’s work included Cincinnati Milacron, TRW, Ford Motor Company, Kaiser Aluminium, Weyerhaeuser, Southern Counties Gas and Signal Oil and Gas.
  • In 1969 Louis Allen published his seminal book, The Management Profession, for which he was awarded the McKinsey Award by the Academy of Management for his contribution to the advancement of the management practice. It was in the same year that the organisation began to expand overseas: Australia, South Africa, Great Britain, Italy, West Germany, and the Philippines. Currently, Louis Allen Worldwide has representation in Brazil, Dubai, Spain, Australia, Italy, China, Egypt, Japan, Kuwait, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, and Yemen.
  • Since then, the basic concepts and principles of management developed by Louis Allen have been widely recognised and accepted by more than 5 000 organisations worldwide. More than 500 000 participants have benefited from this work, including 1 000 CEOs.
  • The organisation has always been in the forefront, not only in helping to rationalise and formalise management practice, but also in creating the concepts, principles, techniques, and standardised vocabulary basic to management as a recognised profession.
  • Louis Allen Southern Africa established a footprint in various sectors of the industry both nationally and in other African countries. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, the company continues to grow in leaps and bounds helping organisations achieve sustainable growth while growing their management capabilities.
"The ability to lead people was once thought to be largely a matter of personality. Good managers, however, have personalities as varied as doctors or lawyers. They are brilliant or plodding, cautious or bold, friendly or reserved; their education ranges from liberal arts to nuclear physics; from accounting to business administration. The one common characteristic of many kinds of people who are professional managers is that they are all doing a particular kind of work and doing it in a particular way." Louis A. Allen