Our Lingo

Management Leader A leader who, primarily by performing the management work of planning, organizing, leading and controlling, influences people to work together to satisfy the needs of internal and external customers. The management leader represents the mature phase of the natural leader.
Planning To predetermine a course of action. This is one of the four functions of management. The act of determining future objectives and the work that needs to be done for achieving it.


Organising The work of employing resources in order to achieve set objectives.


Controlling To assess and regulate work in progress and the results secured. Also called monitoring.


Leading Influencing people to work together to achieve results.


PLOC/POLC Commonly used acroym for the functions of professional management leaderships:Planning, Leading, Organising, Controlling (PLOC)Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling (POLC)The functions need not be viewed in a chronologically order.
Back to basics The Allen Management System encapulates tried and tested management leadership principles.


Extraordinary Leaders A competency based leadership development model to grow leaders from good to great.


Customised in-company programs The trusted Allen Management System applied to our client’s specific organisational environment.


Louis Allen Alumni An individual that has incorporated the Louis Allen systematic approach into building their management leadership careers.


"The ability to lead people was once thought to be largely a matter of personality. Good managers, however, have personalities as varied as doctors or lawyers. They are brilliant or plodding, cautious or bold, friendly or reserved; their education ranges from liberal arts to nuclear physics; from accounting to business administration. The one common characteristic of many kinds of people who are professional managers is that they are all doing a particular kind of work and doing it in a particular way." Louis A. Allen