Why Louis Allen?

Why Louis Allen?

Louis Allen Southern Africa assist client organisations to achieve BETTER RESULTS.  Below is an extract from the last year’s Impact Study results, examples of impact case studies as well as some references given by participants on various Louis Allen interventions.

Impact Study

Case Studies

 Case Study One:  International Waste Company

EnviroServ is the leader in waste management.

 The problem:   Management needed development.

The process:  An integrated management development process was developed and specific interventions were delivered over a period of 12 months.

The results:  Operations managers have better skills to manage their work-groups effectively and this had a direct impact on operational performance.

The following results where achieved:

  • Operational efficiency was increased, resulting in reduced cost per ton.
  • The division was restructured- additional people appointed, but overall cost reduced by 3% simultaneously due to process improvement.
  • The client survey indicated that this management team was a strong team and envied by other teams.

Case Study Two:  International Scaffolding Company

SGB Cape is a leader in scaffolding construction.

The problem:  A regional manager attended a Profession of Management programme at a time when his region was operating at a huge loss.

The process:  The manager applied the Allen Management System in his region with immediate effect upon his return. he identified and measured specific performance indicators.he got his management team involved by delegating the appropriate levels of authority to his reports and improved controls. he moved logistics staff from the yard to the production site and provided the teams with tools to make their jobs easier.

The results:  The following results were achieved due to the implementation of the Allen management principles:

  • Cost reduction : Yard wages – reduced 38.5%
  • Insurance – reduced 40%
  • Cars and Vans – reduced @%.8%
  • Form-work hire – reduced 62.6%
  • Office cost – reduced 44.4%
  • Turned business around from a net loss of US$ 40 000 to net profit of US$ 55 000 in three months.
  • Staff took ownership and subsequently improved motivation and morale.


  • “Companies focus on so many things at the same time that we lose focus on the areas that really create results.  I realised why our company focus on our specific result ares”  –  Executive Head, Vodacom
  • “SABC Sport Department demands clear strategic thinking of its staff and it also demands that all units adhere to the greater strategy. ‘Strategy’ was a mystery to both myself and my colleagues.  The Louis Allen course filled my knowledge gap and I am now able to adapt my management style to achieve greater success for SABC Sport as a division.” –  Executive Producer, SABC
  • “I must say the assignment gave me a new perspective and insight into how I should be doing my planning and organising.  I have embedded the methods in my work and my team has already seen the benefits.”  –  Manager of Others, Sasol